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Join Scots actress Karen Gillan for a jungle romp in this wild action comedy adventure.

The former Dr Who star is never outshone by her Hollywood heavy-weight co-stars, and contributes a winning mix of kick-ass and comedy moves.

A barely connected sequel to Robin Williams’ 1995 smash, the magical Jumanji game has rebooted itself as a 1990’s video game.

Four high school students are transported into the game world, where their avatars are played by Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Gillan. Huge fun is generated from the avatars being at odds with the kids’ real life personas.

Impressive location work is littered with CGI animals such as hippos and crocodiles, and there are a lot of very affectionate jibes at video games, which even a non-gamer such as myself found funny.

It’s more far exciting and daftly entertaining than you could for hope for, and it’s one family game this Christmas which won’t leave you feeling err, board.


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